Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sleeping Joe Lies

I wonder what's going to become of this; if you belched, coughed or farted you probably missed it:

Holy Joe LIEberman, on Meet the Press, this morning mentioned "al Qaida in Iran." Kerry didn't say shit about it and neither did Brokaw. Proof that LIEberman is a Refuckyoucan.

I'm sure this is more than an, "Oh come on... Iran, Iraq, what's the difference? One letter. Let it go." Nope. This is another chapter/excuse for a war with Iran. Fuck Oh Dear, Peace? What's that?

This is how Refuckyoucan narratives start: A "slip" here or there, Fucks News picking up "the question," or the "some people say..." line and the next thing you know there's a manufactured "debate" going on. Proof that bullshit really does make things grow.

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