Monday, August 4, 2008

Boners and Bullshit (Updated)

As Stephanie Miller says, "When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking." Who does that fucker think he is, Dubya? That he can make his own rules of grammar and mispronunciation?

So last week the lights go out, the mikes go dead, CSpan shuts down and everybody the Dems go home for a break. Got to hand it to the refucks: when they want to get something done, which isn't often, at least not in terms of doing things that are good for the country as a whole, they know how to do it. They know their theatre; they know how to grandstand. Most of all they know how to make the Dems look like total, useless, spineless fools.

Their latest effort is the drill here, drill now, drill off shore, and ignore the consequences. I don't know what the hell the fucks did over the weekend, but I understand they were right back at it again this morning: Different day, different bucket, same shit.

Oh one thing that one of them did on Sunday was to appear on the TeeVee machine and bring the old, "All we want is a vote," mantra out of moth balls. I can still remember hospital profiteer, Billy Frist, talking about wanting an, "up or down vote" on judges and wanting it sooooooo badly that they would have to end the practice of filibustering/cloture votes: The Nuclear Option. Fast forward and who has set a new record for filibusters taking only HALF of a two year session to do it? Try to imagine for just a second, the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth that would happen if the Dems were to suggest such an option. Oh?

That's the Senate, that's different? ??? Same party; same lack of principles; same lack of shame; same ability to lie with a straight face and puppy dog eyes. Same greed, avarice and criminal proclivities. All they want is an up or down vote for THEIR objectives.

So while I have no expectations of democratic "leaders" actually leading any meaningful opposition, as exhibited by Nancy Pelosi's choking and sputtering display on Sunday, and while I have little faith or confidence in Obama since his vote to destroy the 4th Amendment, I have eve3n less faith and confidence in the Refucks and McCain the Insane. The HAS to be more to this than just drilling, since the oil companies have some 40,000 acres leased with some 11,000 drilling permits already granted.

HUGE profits. Obscene breaks. MORE tax breaks promised by McCane the Insane. What the fuck more could these assholes possibly want to give away? ???

Update: Keith O just answerred my question. Kinda. Seems there's a veteran's bill that these bastards want to saddle with their drill bill. But does that mean that they want their bill to go through? Or the vet bill to die?

Help Vets and fuck the environment? or help the environment and fuck the Vets?

I think in the refuckyoucan mindless-set, there's no losing either way.

Update 2: You can read a lot more about this at Crooks and Liars. I didn't read their shit first; promise.

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