Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is what you get

When you reach across the aisle.

When you cooperate with refuckyoucans.

When you give in to their demands.

When you embrace their version of bi partisanship.

You turn the Constitution and the Bill of Rights into toilet paper.

Writers like Art Thiel -- a sports writer mind you-- can criticize the Chinese for their practices during the Olympics:

The most embarrassing development was the creation of protest "pens," public places where grievances against the government or Olympics could be demonstrated. Intended as a cheap ploy to mollify the West, the pens became worse -- bait to lure complainers to their arrests.

and we can all agree and wag our finger and find ways to feel and express our supposed superiority, as if to recite our age-old chorus of, "I'm glad that can't happen here."

Well guess what Ostriches.

It's happening. And it's worse that what Thiel describes. FAR worse.

see Crooks and Liars... Glenn Greenwald... Firedoglake... want a video..?

How about some local viewpoints?

And people still vote for these assholes

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