Saturday, August 23, 2008

Two cars in every garage, a chicken in every pot and... BREAKING NEWS !!!

This just in:

McStain was a POW !!!! Who fuckin' knew? ???

It's been all over the inter tubes today.

Damn I feel so dirty now that I recognized the fact that he's just a bitter tired* old war mongering phony. Probably been pissed for all these years that he had to shit in a bucket, rather than have a bidet, and eat the same gruel as "regular grunts," rather than chef prepared stuff people of his stature should get.

More condos than he can count.

So what's the big fucking deal, eh? He has a rich old lady; jealous? She has enough spare cash she can buy a second beach front condo when the free-loading kids squat in the first one. (actually, I am kinda jealous of that one, but that's a whole nuther issue)

What legislators and government tit-suckers DON'T have a second home/apartment in DC? Pretty fucking hard to commute from AK or HI or AZ or WA...

I really don't care that the McShames have a shit load of domiciles, spread from here to eternity, anymore than I cared that Jon Edwards earned his way to live in a mansion and spoke out against poverty, or that Al Gore subsidized green power through astronomical power bills while renovating his home to be more green and efficient. (now I DO care very much that Dubya rapes, plunders and pillages the earth while having a show piece house on a fake ranch that he has no intention of using as a "home" when he's finished with his crime spree) What I care about with Ol' Yellow Stain isn't even that he's so out of touch with his own status that he has to refer people to his staff. What I care about is his arrogance that none of it fucking matters to him. Not enough to offer an explanation.

What we have here is a picture fucking perfect example of a Kept Man.

Fascinating symbiosis he formed with a rich socialite piece of arm candy. How "All-American" they are.

If either of them had the chance, I believe they'd both choose Royalty as a career option.

*Actually, I doubt he ever gets tired of war mongering.

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Distributorcap said...

kept man - love it

i think war mongering is his aphrodisiac, because it sure aint old botox eyes