Monday, August 18, 2008

So Which War Is He Going to Win?

First things first: Dump the Grampy McSame mantra already. Stephanie Miller and everyone else who furthers that mantra just plays into refuckyoucan hands. Refucks write their own rules: Dems try to hide their own weaknesses and attack the other guy's; refucks play up their own weaknesses and attack the other guy's strengths.

Dubya was/is an alcoholic, so they made him into an incoherent idiot; no one took his evil intentions, warmongering, sociopathy and destructiveness seriously. McCain's old, so they turn him into an incoherent, doddering old fool while his evil intentions, warmongering, sociopathy and destructiveness go ignored.

Dubya had wet dreams about war with Iraq. He thought he could out-do his daddy, impress his mommy and make a name for himself. A positive name. In case you missed it, his cabinet was built for war: Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld -- when he couldn't get "Stormin' Norman." Fucker didn't decide to invade after 9-11, he decided before he ran.

Senator Surge has some real self loathing going on. After becoming a POW by intercepting a missile with his jet, he takes out his anger and frustration by fucking over the next generations of our armed forces. As Keith O pointed out tonight, the fucker's fought tooth and nail against every dime to go toward improving the lot of lives of Dubya's cannon fodder. Five billion worth, I believe it stands at present. He's trying to make every soldier suffer worse than he did. Why? Cuzz he can't let go of 'Nam.

Dubya "fought" is Daddy's war, Senator Surge is still fighting his own. He still believes that more time, more money, more blood, more death and destruction would have/will bring "victory." Whatever the fuck that is. Will he be so stupid as to re-invade 'Nam? I don't think that would feed into his egomania enough. I think the big reason he's so hell-on-wheels ready to take on Russia, is that they -- when they were the USSR -- supported 'Nam.

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Distributorcap said...

dubya, mcsame -- birds of a feather. mcsame wins, the planet loses - permanently