Thursday, August 7, 2008

Define Irony


Who brought us illegal wiretaps before 9-11-01
Who brought us the Patriot Act, which has nothing to do with patriotism
Who brought us Guantanamo
Who brought back waterboarding and other forms of torture
Who beat back the Geneva Conventions
Who illegally invaded a country
Who routinely defies Congress
Who routinely ignores the Constitution
Who cages opposing voices in "free speech" zones
Who requires loyalty oaths to enter his fund raisers
Who allows elections third world countries wouldn't sanction
Who denies citizens their rights to the courts
Who... well anyway. I do want to get to bed tonight

He's criticizing the Chinese...? The ones to whom he sold us...?

Yeah right. Ass hole


Anonymous said...

It is to laugh. Except it's so bad, it makes you want to cry.

Anonymous said...

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