Monday, July 28, 2008

Cummander Codpiece 2.0?

I'm sick and fucking tired of hearing all this bullshit about McSame's qualifications for Commander in Chief. First off that job isn't first and foremost in my mind when I look at why someone should be prez. I basically just try to look for some evidence of some common fucking sense. Next, I'd have to say, it's the one who turns me off the least: the least blatant liar; the least divisive; and for fuck's sake I want someone with the sense to realize and admit that you don't get jack unless you pay for it and that means you don't cut taxes to improve life. any way..

Cummander guy...

Just like Hillary and her 37 years of government experience fucking Bill, McStain seems to think that losing his plane and being a POW qualifies him as someone who "knows how to win wars," and be preznit.

I have e friend who spent a few years on jail. I guess he's qualified to be Attorney General. Oooo...

That's probably more experience than Gonzo and most of Dubya's other appointees. Bad analogy. Oh well.

As I think about the past 7+ years of malicious fucktardery under Bush, and the possibility of four more years of that under McStain, I see the bulk of Americans, especially liberals, falling into the same traps as we look at the guy. I've said for years now that the "genius" of Bush was to act like an idiot: butcher words, grammar, syntax... make people think you're a retard, and you can do retarded things and not get held responsible for the results. What I mean is that we fuck up when we look at all that butchering of the language, rather than what that butchered language hides.

Dubya said he's the master of low expectations. Bingo. There are many many more, but the other one that I think of all the time is how people "misunderestimate me." While we sit and debate over that being a "real" word or not, we do exactly what that made up word means: We're underestimating him for the wrong reason(s). It's just one of the reasons for his ever present smirk: I'm going to jerk these fuckers off and get away with it.

McCain uses all of his Doddering-Old-Manisms, and his senile-like denials of every thing he says, is doing nothing more than covering for the undeniable fact that he is a pathological liar. Much like Dubya. Don't feel sorry for him because he looks and sounds like Homer Simpson's dad.

He's another truly evil refuckyoucan. Nothing more; nothing less.

And "John McCain is always there for our troops"? That is such a crock of shit. He's never voted for an increase in veterans benefits. Ever.

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Dale said...

I actually thought it was a pretty good analogy.