Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Possibly our last as a free people

I've sat here now for about 15 minutes as the weight and meaning of that phrase sink in. Everything I had planned to type went, "Poof."

Seriously, if next week's vote on the new Freedom Is Superfluous Act goes as it did in the house, we as a nation are truly fucked. Which makes me wonder a few things:

Will this be the day that Dubya wipes his ass with the genuine article, rather than a mere facsimile of the Constitution? Or will he wait for the day of the vote?

What will he claim as his new national holiday? The day of the above mentioned vote? 9-11?

So much for a nice happy cheery post on boozing and grilling and timing orgasms with the fireworks' grand finale.

Damn Refuckyoucans and "Centrist-Nazis... Harsh my fucking buzz.

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DCup said...

Well, at least Jesse Helms kicked off. That's good news.