Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Strange Bedfellows (not Diaper Dave and Lav Man Larry)

I swiped the following from Glenn Greenwald this morning. I wish I had more time to write about it, but basically, it's all about being pissed off at the FISA appeasement and trying to do something about it. Check things out:

The rapidly growing list of groups and blogs co-sponsoring our Strange Bedfellows coalition is here. Bloggers who wish to join can do so here, and we ask that you post one of the logos. Jane Hamsher has more on the campaign here. Speaking of the Nixon era, one of the true American heroes from that time -- Daniel Ellsberg -- has an excellent post and video entitled "What Every American Needs to Know (and Do) About FISA." The debate over the FISA bill has begun now on the Senate floor and can be viewed at the C-SPAN website.


So... Did you check it out? Did you join? Pledge?

I did. I'm not quit ready to quit yet, although it's tempting to bolt. I may still check out the Mendoza region of Argentina. I LOVE those Argentine Malbecs. But there's still a chance Democracy and freedom can survive here. There's still a chance that Dubya's dicktatorship will end. There's still a chance that a President Barack Obama will not prove himself to be the traitor that his votes today seem to prove him to be. I have my sincere doubts on that last point.

With his changing positions, and his justifications that make no sense; with his plans to hold his acceptance in a football stadium, he seems to believe in his own invulnerability; to be in love with himself. I'm really beginning to get tired of this kid. Anyway...

In a comment the other night, Dale asked me about a constitutional amendment (one Barack didn't vote to far as I know) whereby office holders can be impeached. He was asking about the idea of impeaching the entire government, since in light of this latest capitulation to a Fascist fake rancher who's afraid of horses, it seems we just can't trust anyone these days. (Let me take a moment to express my appreciation to Sens Murray and Cantwell, and Rep McDermott for their votes in favor of our freedom. I wish there had been more like you. Thank you all.) Uhhh.... yeah The banner the the right, and the paragraph describing it are about exactly that: Ridding ourselves of the Fascist enablers like Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid, Dep'ty Dog Reichert and others and replacing them with people like Cindy Sheehan and Darcy Burner.

Oust the first female Speaker of the House? Misogyny you say? Name something good that she's done. Name something good that this democratic majority has done? I ain't going anywhere; I'll wait.

Now this doesn't mean I want to go back to Refuckyoucan rule. Oh HELL no. What I want are REAL democrats. Better Democrats. Progressive Democrats. If Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich were to lead a group to form a new third party after this next election (should it happen), and I don't mean loose cannon shit like Nader or that crazy-assed, big-eared Texan (not Dubya), I mean something real, like Jesse Ventura's march to the Governor's mansion without the craziness, I'd follow and be all over it. Well...

Maybe Strange bedfellows will be the start to all that.

Those fucktards don't vote the way we want them to...? Doesn't mean we can't vote with our feet and wallets for someone who will.

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