Friday, July 11, 2008

Lotsa Time on my Hands Today

Had "trigger finger releases" done yesterday as part of the seemingly never ending saga that started with a carpal tunnel release, so I'm home. Yes I brought work home, but... that's like work, ya know..? Any wayyyyy...

Somewhere in all the memories of the talk about Fuckstain's Illegal Surveillance Act, I think it was Jonathon Turley, talking with Rachel Maddow as she filled in for Fascist-Enabler Keith Olberman, who said something about the true intent of this capitulation being a means of Congress covering up their complicity in Dubya's MANY illegal activities, domestic and international. This is not new. Check this out:

"Our" 2006 vote for change seems to be working out so fucking well..... Sheeyit.

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