Saturday, July 26, 2008

Think this'll make the "news?"

I kinda doubt it. Actually, I'm willing to bet on it not.

Part of the new housing bill that just passed:

You apply for a mortgage and they can finger print you. No shit; according to Thom Hartmann anyway.

Now just what the fuck..? ??? Do the Dems want a Zero% approval rating? They sure as hell seem to be headed that way.

Being the lazy ass I am, I haven't gone back to look at Dubya's objections and veto threats, but again I'm willing to bet they were all about the stupidity of bailing out dumb fucks who had no business getting loans from dumb fucks who had no business being in business. Kinda like HIM when he was fucking up in the oil business, eh? So...

I'm sure this new process will help keep idiots from over extending themselves, right? I mean we do keep a Dumb Fuck Database, right? This is all for our own good, right? We're just too fucking dumb to realize why the gubmint would need the fingerprints of law abiding citizens.

Fucking amazing how that fuck stain, the champion of small government, non interference and free markets, can sweep all that shit aside when there's a chance to put a law in place that restricts our basic freedoms. Actually the truly amazing thing is that there is no real opposition from the "opposition party."

We need a good third party.


betmo said...

let's just say that i am not going to hold my hand on my ass waiting for that to happen anytime soon. third party i mean. i fully expect that i am on somebody's list already. we just got a new mortgage and had to sign a paper for homeland security and provide our picture id. yep. i have 2 other mortgages- pre and post 2001- and didn't have to do that crap. this will be my last mortgage.

Chris in Seattle said...

We have a house for sale (and we believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny too) and I wonder what kind of shit we'll have to go through to finalize it when/if it sells.

Distributorcap said...


i didnt know this

we have officially entered germany 1933

and no one will change this come jan 2009

Chris in Seattle said...

You're right: Undoing a bad law is ALWAYS more difficult than preventing it from passing in the first place, a la the Enron loophole or the prescription drug proviso that prevents Medicare from negotiating to save us, the tax payer, money.