Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Not Sure Which is Worse:

Dan Quayle: (The Preznit Dubya we never had) appearing on, Dancing With the Stars. or

Nancy Pelosi's appearing on, The View?

Did she really say that she didn't know if Dubya had/has committed any crimes? ??? Ooo ooo oooo... and then there's this: She's not sure when/if she's going to call for a full House vote on the recommendation to hold Rove in contempt? September? ???

What the fuck is with this woman? ??? How the hell did she raise kids and not have them walk all over her? Or did the old man do that? Or was her family the inspiration for, "Super Nanny?"

Is she blind? Is she stupid? Or does she just not fucking give a damn? Can't really do anything about the last two, but if the first option is the problem, try this Nance:

Put the bra over your tits, not you eyes. Stop disgracing yourself and the office you hold.

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