Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What Am I Missing Here?

Or am I missing anything?

I hear these fucking tools like Joe Scarborough, and even Dan Abrams talk about "Obama moving to the center," on issues like FISA. Goes along with the "B side" of their record that says he's "standing up to the left."

Since when is the 4th Amendment, which protects us, our persons, papers, effects (or is it affects?)... from illegal, unwarranted searches and seizures. Very explicitly, might I add. Since when is this some "leftist" idea? And the Constitution. Another collection of Leftist whimsical notions and masturbatory fantasies?

Did the founding fathers and the documents they wrote and defended with their lives and livelihoods become the inspiration for Marx and Hegel and Lenin and Trotsky and..?

Were Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin centrists?

How the fuck has normalcy been stood on its head?

How the fuck has Bush's version of Naziism become centrist? ya know I had to wonder back on Father's Day, when I got a card and a hug from the grandmonster, just what kind of times Dubya had as he sat on his Grampy Prescott's knee? How he mourned the failure of his attempted coup... how he wished and wondered what could have been if only we were the Nazi nation he so desired us to be... "George... you must succeed, where I have failed."

I watch Barack and listen to all this shit and I have to wonder:

Barack... Did you sit on Prescott's other knee?


DCup said...

So many definitions and assumptions have changed. It's hard to keep up. I just try to pretend it's always opposite day. Whatever the fuckwits say, I think the opposite.

Dale said...

I've been debating this for days at work. What is the difference between the warrantless wiretaps now (now that Obama is president) vs the warrantless wiretaps then (when Bush was president)? The only difference I see is that Obama spoke out AGAINST them when he was campaigning, and promised to have the most transparent administration ever...and that didn't work out so well...
So what makes it a big deal now, since it wasn't back then?
I don't get it...

Chris in Seattle said...

That's the thing Dale, it SHOULD have been a much bigger deal back then; it was for me anyway. Now? I'm looking for a post in which I talked about the "Strange Bedfellows" who came together in opposition. I can't recall the names off the top of my head, but people from opposite camps were speaking out in unison. Same sort of thing is happening now. I'm not sure who stood on what side back then, but there are some odd "alliances" forming.

Chris in Seattle said...

You asking about this guy, Dale?