Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And the Beat Goes on

The drum beat for war, that is.

I've been amazed at the commotion leading up to and surrounding Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to the US. The guy's a bit of a loon, but then so's Dubya; what's the big deal? The guy wants to lay a wreath at "Ground Zero," and Rudy G, among others, goes ape shit. The guy's the leader of a country that has officially denounced the attacks of 9-11. I've never heard of him saying otherwise. For Rudy and others to come up with bullshit ideas like physically restraining him, or arresting him if he tries to visit the site, and for them to say this is for "security reasons," is pure lunacy and saber rattling.

It's Iraq all over again. There's really no intent to try diplomacy. Allow Ahmadinejad to place his wreath. It's a gesture. And it's a starting point. Provided you want to see it as such. But no, for Dubya and Rudy and their ilk, it's an insult.

Their attitudes, once again, insult my intelligence.

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