Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tails Tales from the Crapper Crypt

Fuckin Repugs... Ever try to break a kid out of the potty humor stage? Damn grandmonster's there right now, and the Repugs sure aren't helping with their antics of late. Make any noise that even hints of a fart sound and he's all over it like Craig on... Dammit. "They did what in the bathroom, Grumpa?" Where did I read/hear about the traveler asking airport security to direct them to the non-Republican bathroom? So where does crapper-sex fit in the "You're either with us, or against us," continuum? Or vice versa?

Is Larry "I da Ho" Craig gay or not? Hell, I don't know; ask his wife what his dick tastes like. Or check the contents of the streaks in his undies. 'nuff...

I was digging through past posts on Crooks and Liars this morning and came across found this post, but what really caught my eye was this comment:

The McConnell “get out or Vietnam” angle struck me as well.

“Hey, I didn’t grab that guy’s nuts because I’m gay, I did it because I’m a coward.”

Either way he seems to fit quite nicely with the Republican crowd.

After reading I got to wondering: If the repug party, the party of morals, family, values and all that good shit attracted the fundamentalist vote because of all that Shit, but is now found to be the party of closet queens and hypocrisy, where the hell is the fundie vote going to go? I mean, they can't vote for Dems who just might not be in favor of fire-bombing Planned Parenthood clinics and lynching their docs and patients, or who would allow towel-headed camel jockies to live even if they can't prove that they don't want to kill us, can they?

Will they form their own party? The Christian-Fascists? Would they allow non-fundies to join? If they did, would they/ could they steal enough secular Fascists from the Repugs to actually become a viable force in future elections? How will they guard themselves against a gay infiltration? Pass a BISA law? The Bathroom Intelligence Surveillance Act?

What happens to the rest of the Repugs? Would they still be repugnant? Would there be enough of them left to matter when elections come around happen? Reminds me of the scene from "Titanic," "Is there anybody alive out there...?"

Hmmm... Who's going to say what when the count gets to Seven Wack-job Repug officials involved in Ten Knob-slobberous scandals?

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DCup said...

Now there's a scary idea.....a Christian Fascist party that calls itself what it is.
But then, I suppose we'd all know where they stand without the pretense, wouldn't we?

I wonder what will happen to the Republican Party if the Sunday School Conservatives and the Country Club Conservatives would have a real split.....