Saturday, September 1, 2007

How's that Bush Health Care Policy Working for You, Tony?

So Tony Snow needs to make more money, eh? His fight with colon cancer continues, but for some reason it's the money issue that's making all the press. Does Bush pays his cronies in peanuts, or what? I remember Tom Ridge had to resign from Homeland Stupidity, because he needed more money to put his kids through college. Does Tony have college age kids? Seriously, Why does he need more money?

OK, so maybe that's a dumb question. Hell, I want more money, and probably would even if I didn't have real reasons like a wife who had to quit work to look after her Mom who has dementia, with a freeloading recovering stepdaughter, and grandmonster, in the house, and Carpal Tunnel surgery on the horizon. I might want more money even if I had as much as the average Bush crony/contributor/spokesliar. Still My mind keeps coming back to the cancer issue, wondering what kind of insurance the bush White House offers its minions. Does it cover pre-existing conditions? Does it have caps? Copays? Deductibles? Or is the White House the model for Dub's proposed "health care savings accounts?"

Maybe he just wants to go wild before he dies. Traveling; partying; building a sex dungeon?

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