Saturday, June 7, 2008

And the Oxymoron for the Day is.....

One of the intellectual giants of conservatism.

So said Stephen Colbert in his introduction of George F Will.

I am absolutely fucking aghast. "Conservatism" and "Intellectual" do NOT belong in the same sentence, No way; no how.

Georgie might be able to make himself SEEM like an intellectual, because of his big words and complex, confusing, convoluted sentence structure, but he's really little more than a condescending gas-bag. The fact that he likes baseball doesn't redeem him for his devotion to a morally bankrupt philosophy.

With a H/T to Ms Belle at Crooks and Liars, go read Dr Slammy's total deconstruction of Will's positions. He does it so much better than I ever could. Welcome to my blog roll, Dude.

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