Friday, June 27, 2008

This is Leadership? ???

As I'm sure you all know, yesterday was the day the new and -- if you're a telecom, Dubya or one of his criminal minions, or a Democrat on the take -- improve Freedom Is Superfluous Act (FISA) bill, sailed through the Senate cloture vote like a butterfly on a swamp gas breeze. 80-15 was the vote. Now don't let your panties get tooooooo knotted up by this: It was "merely" a vote to "proceed."

That being said, What is it with these morons that think the Refucks will actually cooperate with ANYTHING that is NOT proposed by one of their own? These guys should sue Tarantino for stealing his "Kill Bill" title. The MoFos only took ONE year to break the record of killed bills that it had taken TWO years to set. Not that Harry Reid didn't make it easier for them by refusing to make them actually prove by voting that they had enough votes to block bills, much less make them actually filibuster. Oh... they brought the cots in that one time a few years back. Whoopy ding ding. but I digress...

"Proceeding" with the bill, Feinstein, Feingold and Whitehouse (the sen from Rhode Island, not the abominated, desecrated residence of past Presidents) all proposed amendments that were, drum roll please...: Blocked by the Refucks. Who then went on to propose that there be a cloture vote to vote on the bill itself. From an non-exhaustive Googling of the intertubes, I see that vote is scheduled for Monday.

Where the fuck was Hillary Clinton?

Where the fuck was Barack Obama?

Where is our fucking leadership?


The two "leading" Democratic candidates for pres and neither of them could be bothered by attending. Lets have a nice hearty, "What the Fuck?!?!"

I've never been overly impressed with either of these two, although I do have to say that Barack can give a hell of a speech. I considered their duel to be more a result of media manipulation than a result of a ground swell of support. It was a circus side show, promoted because the participants had shitloads of money to spend. Now Hillary's in debt to her asshole and needs Barack to help bail her out. "I'll say nice things and keep Bill on a leash if you throw me some dough." Barack is showing himself to be more of an Obummer than an Obama. His response to FISA has so far been less than inspiring.

I got a call from his campaign a few nights ago. Naturally they wanted money. At the time I was busy and this FISA shit had yet to come to a head, so I merely told them to go blow, without giving them the reaming I now know they deserve.

There's now fucking way I'll vote for McStain, and there's no fucking way I'll stay home. Barack will get my vote, but I will NOT be happy about it. One thing I will not give him though is money; not so much as one fucking dime.

Go ahead... run on your platform of change. Keep acting like a Nazi Appeaser and my change will keep going into a jar. Just being "not as bad as McStain and Bush," is not good enough for me.

And in the mean time, DO YOUR FUCKING JOB !!!! You still have a seat in the Senate. Show up from time to time, or resign and give it to someone who will show it due respect. Goes for you too Hillary. Get your fucking priorities straight; both of you.


Anonymous said...

I hate the posturing that Dems have to do to get elected. It sucks ass.

Chris in Seattle said...

That's the thing: They don't fucking have to do it. They're fucking pussies. And not of a kind that I like either.