Friday, June 13, 2008

My Sincerest Condolences

I want to join in the mourning of Tim Russert. I never have understood the seeming disdain that many bloggers seemed to show toward him. The references to him as Timmeh. I never got what that was about.

He was only six years older than me.

I wonder what the asshats at Fucks News have to say. They better not say anything about "losing one of their own." They aren't journalists. They aren't reporters.

Tim Russert was.

They're nothing but hacks.


Dale said...

I believe the Timmeh thing is in reference to a retarder, wheel-chair-bound South Park character named Timmy. That's all I can think of.

Distributorcap said...

fox news has been treating him as one of their own

i cannot watch them ever, and this is the worst

russert was a good guy and good person -- and a terrific family man -- and for that i feel for his friends and family

i dont think he was a great journalist -- i think he was timid and threw softballs -- maybe because of his bosses, maybe because he was a dem at heart and went out of his way to be balanced -- who knows why

he didnt serve the country well - but none of that matters -- it is very sad when someone so young and smart and hardworking and did care deeply about his family is taken so soon.....

rip tim -- i know you will look down on this election