Saturday, June 28, 2008

He Returns (updated)

I speak of Leisure Suit Larry from the Land of the Lav Lizards.

Actually, I don't know if Larry Craig (Refuckyoucan, Imaho) wears leisure suits or not, but he seems to be building quite a lavlegacy for himself. He's taken time out from his attempts to prove his nongayness (with the help of Diaper Dave Vitter (and others)), to show his support for the troops (with the help of 5 other knuckle-dragging refuckyoucans).

Is voting against improving the GI Bill a sexual thing for him? Because there are women in the armed forces now and helping them could help him. Kinda sorta. ??? Of course we still have the "don't ask, don't tell" shit, so I guess he just can't take chances of leaving any holes unplugged stalls unlocked stones unturned.

Busy boy!!!

I don't keep up with everything he does, but it's no wonder he couldn't fight to prevent the desecration of the MSP Airport's #1 attraction.

h/t C&L, Raw Story, and the Google

PS... Time for a moment of DUHHH...

Anyone who needs a Constitutional Amendment to assure themselves that their marriage is solid, will NEVER have a solid marriage. Or a solid psyche for that matter. If you're going to cheat, be gay, have sex with animals, trees, the dead, automobile tailpipes, yourself by shoving foreign objects or animals up/in your orifices, then that's what you're going to do regardless of what's tacked on to the Constitution.

Look at Dub. He does what he wants regardless.


Distributorcap said...

dont you love the poster children for republican debauchery are sponsoring the marriage amendment

better yet the fucking MSM doesnt even bother to report it

choke on it craig, and i hope that spanking leaves scars vitters

Chris in Seattle said...

Psychological problems like self-loathing are one thing, but it's the sense of mission or entitlement that these duck fuckers have to subject the rest of us to their personal nightmares that gets to me.