Friday, June 13, 2008

I Don't Care How Hot Her Mother-of-Five Tits Are

Nancy Pelosi's full of shit on this one: She thinks she's leading, but on impeachment, she needs to get the fuck out of the way and follow. The charges need to be brought. The debate needs to happen. The votes need to be recorded.

It has NOTHING to do with partisan politics or any other such refuckyoucan talking point/cliche. It has to do with respect for the rule of law, the constitution, the character of this nation. it has to do with the acknowledgment that we are NOT beasts.

A guy named Joel Connelly did a column in the Seattle PI today and quoted Ms Nancy:

"My opposition to him (Bush) is not personal, but I oppose his positions vehemently," she said. By and large, I think his presidency has harmed our country greatly -- with the war, the deficit, the economic downturn and (the money shot here) the continuous assaults on the constitution."

Is it a chick thing? That she can't or won't attempt impeachment because it isn't a foregone conclusion that the fucker will be found guilty and actually be removed. Does she really think that an increase in the minimum wage is a fair trade off for a dismantled constitution? I've heard the rationale that during impeachment proceedings, nothing else gets done, and I've admitted to "understanding" that rationale. Well gee golly gosh, tell me what's gotten done without impeachment? ???

The refucks have stood in the way of EVERYTHING, with the intent of running against the notion of a "do nothing Democrat Congress." But forget that.

Impeachment is the RIGHT thing to do. It's the ONLY thing to do if you are a member of congress and a citizen of this nation, the world and mankind, with a conscience and a moral compass.

I remember listening to Ed Schultz and hearing him talk about a time when Ms Titsy was a guest on his show. She was stupid enough to say something about how she saw no reason to impeach, but if any listener did, she would listen. Fuckin phones went off the hooks. He laughed and laughed... "I really don't think there's a chance in hell she'll ever even answer our phone calls much less come back as a guest.," or some such.


Shit or get off the pot Nanc. You're not showing yourself to be for the country and the constitution. So you must be against them, eh?


Anonymous said...

I am so tired of the dancing around this subject. It's Congress's duty to protect the Constitution, even if that means protecting it from the other branches.

Pelosi has failed us.

I don't think it's a chick thing, though. I think it's a weak politician thing. She's been rightwing noise machined into submission. She needs to step aside.

Dale said...

Here's a thought (I know, coming from me it oughta be good, right?), if Bush were impeached today, the worst that would happen is removal from office. That would leave Cheney in charge. Fuck. Best case scenario there, we impeach him as well, and Pelosi would be in charge. Double fuck! If they (Democrats) wait until he is out of office, then charge him with his crimes in a regular court, there could be much more severe punishments. Who knows, maybe that's what they're planning. We can only hope.

Distributorcap said...

pelosi is a major disappointment, or rather a major fuck up -----

i dont get her at all --- i dont understand her MO -- what does she gain by stopping the argument?

i can only hope that president obama does go after bush for criminal activity

and nancy loses her post

i can hope

Chris in Seattle said...

I was thinking about firing off a check to Cindee Sheehan's campaign fund. I still may do that.