Friday, June 27, 2008

The Press has a Liberal Bias? ???

So you still believe that horseshit?

I'm sitting here watching the War Room or Race for the White House or some such show on MSNBC. You know, the most corrupt, left wing network there is, acording to O'Lielly. Well, the fuckers, and I don't mean Pat Buchanon, I think it was David Gregory, is falling in line with the load-of-shit line started by Olberman the other night, about Barack Obummer "Standing up to the left."

Damn these asswipes. The Mother fucker sold us out. There's simply no other way to put it. And by the way...

We ARE the left. We ARE liberals. We are Democrats. This is praiseworthy? That Obumms would stand AGAINST his party? His beliefs? What the Fuck!?!?!

This election is his to lose and he's off top a fucking great start if losing it is what he wants to do.

There's a pissing match going on between Glenn Greenwald and Olberman over this and I have to say, I'm really disappointed in KO. I could not believe when Jonathon Alter got on there and said something about this FISA monstrosity actually being in line with the constitution. It does NOT and they both knew that. Obummer knows that, and some does Ms Hillybilly.

They need to get their asses back to DC for the vote that's now scheduled for July 8.

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