Sunday, June 15, 2008

Maybe Dubya's the Wrong One to Impeach?

Remember the days when the "Fuck yous," we got were the "Fuck yous," we expected, because the refuckyoucans held the majority in both Houses of Congress? I've read that what often times is most traumatizing about sexual abuse of minors is that in most case the abuse is carried out by someone the child knows and trusts. Granted, we are not children (I speak of the "us/we" who voted in a Democratic majority), but still we thought we had reason to trust those we voted in.

Aaahhh the memories of Jim Webb's response to Dubya's State of the Division Address, when he said to the effect that if Bush couldn't see the path down which he needed to take the country, then "...we will show you..." Riiiiiight. With all do respect to Mr Webb, where the fuck are you letting this fuckstain take us? What's changed?

I remember the first "Emergency" Iraq funding bill this new congress faced. It was the first time, I believe, that Bush used a veto (unless you count his unconstitutional use of signing statements as a line item veto). Did they do as some like John Edwards suggested, and send him the same bill, to let him no he wasn't going to get what he wanted? No. They crawled and kowtowed and rolled over and I don't think they played dead, I think they actually died, or at least it was then that any reason for us to hope and trust died.

They did just as the refuckyoucans did: They gave the fucker exactly what he wanted. But they didn't stop there. No, they lied and tried to put lipstick on their little piggy by calling their "efforts" a compromise. Remember the skidbenchmarks? Riiiight. The only thing compromised was our trust.

This coming week, it's going to happen all over again. FISA.

I've said it over and over that there is no more reason for impeachment needed than the FACT that this little piss ant Napolean wannabe who tries to act like the actor who acted like a president, broke the god damned law! !!! oh.... to keep us safe. If you believe that claim, I wanna sell you some beach front development property on MARS. And don't even try to tell me that as long as I'm not breaking any laws, I'll have nothing to worry about. That's nothing but a red herring, meant to cover over the fact that the law is being broken, the constitution violated and the foundation for a dictatorship is being laidbuilt upon.

Tell that shit to the Holocaust survivors. And to their descendants. And to the Japanese internment victims. And to their descendants.

Tell that shit to the Americans who will be interned in the camps being built at present here in the US by Halliburton and KBR.

Remember that bullshit when the 5000th American dies in the War to Enrich American Corporations.

Remember that bullshit when Bush gets up and laughs as he tells his next lie as he justifies his violation of another of the Bill of Rights.

Remember that bullshit when he stands up and laughs as he explains how the American people need to understand that allowing the election of Barack Obama to go forward will send the wrong message to the enemy, so he has no choice but to overturn it.

So as Nancy and Steny and Harry and the gang on more fucking time, bend over and spread their cheeks for a reaming, by decriminalizing illegal wire tapping, and by stripping the courts of their constitutional power to be a check on a rogue executive, and by redefining bi-partisan so as to mean, "giving up on principal and giving in to refuckyoucan neocon ideology," remember the country that was.

I'm really not going to feel very good when I say, "I told you so."

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Dale said...

Very well said. I have agreed for quite some time, that all the Iraq bullshit aside, the very simple fact of the warrantless wiretaps and the Fourth Amendment is all we need to impeach him. He not only violated the bill of rights, he broke the oath he took when he was sworn in.