Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Better Late than Never? ???

I'd like to give a resounding, "YES!!!" but...

Of course I refer to Kucinich's articles of impeachment. I fucking knew there was a reason I kept his banner up. I just can't fucking believe it took so long. High crimes and misdemeanors? Fucker broke the damn FISA law. End of story. He belongs in jail. OK, so someone finally gets their ass in gear; now what?

I really have no confidence that this will come to anything. Nothing's been done with the articles against Cheney. I don't see what will make a difference here. Madam Speaker, Nancy Off-the-Table Pelosi acts like impeachment was gangrenous spooge.

Nice going Dennis.


Distributorcap said...

maybe just maybe SOMEONE will do more than impeach when he leaves -- -well you cant impeach then

so INDICT and throw in prison

Chris in Seattle said...

IF he leaves office, he's headed to Paraguay. No extradition.