Sunday, June 8, 2008

Was I Asleep at the Wheel?

I don't know why this didn't get more attention when it was written, but then I'm also the guy who got sent to Blockbuster while the wife set up a surprise party for my 50th birthday. What that means is that maybe it gained shitloads of attention and I just missed it. It's not inconceivable. Any way

As I was reading on Raw Story this morning A story about McStain's flip-flopping on telecom immunity, among other shit, I noticed a link to a Charlie Savage article. Charlie's the guy who started screaming about the George Fuckya's signing statements way back when he'd only violated about 700 laws. Well, Charlie somehow or other quizzed most all of the Preznitial candidates on their views on executive power and privilege. (I say most because I noticed no links to Gravel or Dennis Kucinich)

It's an interesting read (although after you click around on the various links enough times, the Globe will want you to register), and not just because of the McStain-Obama contrast. Get this kids... Senator Bomb-bomb has N-O legal adviser; at least not at the time he was questioned. Since he's got Rove the turdblossom helping out, I don't have a lot of confidence that he would hire someone above and beyond Gonzo's abilities.

Plus, considering the fact that Biden, Richardson and others are considered front runners for positions in an Obama Admin, it's good to know how these people think about things.

Update: The same Raw Story article contains a link to a Salon article by Glenn Greenwald on McShame and his ever changing non-positions on things. As always, Glenn is a great read.

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