Monday, February 16, 2009

Add This to Your Reading List:

The Myth of Ronald Reagan

It's always comforting to get a confirmation... actually, I'm not sure "comforting" fits. Vindicated? I don't know, but thanks, Nunya.

I have several unread books on my shelf, so I'm not sure if I'll buy this one or not. The reviewer describes it as, not just a book for pissed-off liberals, but as a wake up call for conservatives. Hmmmm.... could it somehow change my views regarding the pathogenicity of conservatism? (I was taught in high school that a pathogen kills its host) I don't know.

Two other books to add:

Greenspan's Fraud



Distributorcap said...

somehow i dont think any conservatives thing reagan is anything but the second coming

second coming of vomit to me

Chris in Seattle said...

True. The first of the refuck preznitial debates were just contests to see who could mention Reagan the most without sounding like a complete fool. Wait.... they were all complete fools.

nunya said...

I won't be buying it, but I loved the article that vindicated what I saw, felt, experienced and my silly Republican parents refused to see.

Alas, they still can't see it.


The fools missed out on one neat grandkid.

Lisa said...

I am so sick of hearing the Republicans wax philosophical about Reagan. He started so much of what's wrong with this country right now.

Chris in Seattle said...

Republicans set up a shrine for him and Democrats are too gutless and spineless to tear it down.