Tuesday, February 3, 2009

OooooKay, It's Linky Love Time or...

Blog Roll Amnesty Day. So, here's a couple of links to blogs I've never visited before:

1) Circle Jerk at the Square Dance

2) Opinions You Should Have

3) ...and the strangest things seem, suddenly routine

Why these? The titles, silly. Actually I used to buy wines in much the same way: by the label.

OK so I didn't exactly follow the rules laid out by Ms Blue Gal. Actually I didn't come close, but...

Amnesty. You can't shoot me. (the wife wouldn't like that. anyone shoots me, she has dibs)

I have no idea if these guys get fewer hits than I do. I have no idea how many they get. If I can check em out for a first time, so can you.

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