Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VD is Coming

Prepare yourselves for the yearly pain-in-the-ass, guys.

No, not the clap, doofus. Valentines Day.

Card? Check

Flowers? Check

Present? DON'T buy anything useful: No appliances, no clothes, no tools. Call it a bauble, a gee gaw, whatever, it absolutely cannot have any practical value or use.

Not sure what to do about dinner? Check this out for ideas.


nunya said...

One of the best gifts is to DO something useful. Clean the bathroom, NO we do not love cleaning up your piss because you can't fucking aim, and it IS shorter than you think.

Actually, my husband does not miss because he hates cleaning the bathroom.

He doesn't grill or cook at all, but he's quite capable of picking up a pizza, and I'll usually sit through at least one of the three movies he brings home.

He did the dishes too, it was really nice :)

And the chocolate? Chocolate for mood lift

Much is forgiven for that one "pain in the ass day", m'dear.

Chris in Seattle said...

I clean up my misses as they happen. I have the same problem Jimmy Kimmel has as described in an interview with Playboy Mag some years ago.

Sprinkled over several days I bought her:

A heart full of chocolates.

A card.

Live lilies.

A balloon bouquet.

A butterflied rib steak in the shape of a heart (for steak and eggs for breakfast) (gotta post the picture)

And fuzzy slippers that are too warm and a bit tight, just to prove the "no practical use" rule. (gotta return/exchange those bastards now)

nunya said...