Friday, February 20, 2009

A-Roid: Now as a Toon Lune

I won't say I never liked him, but since he left Seattle, which was long before he signed his contract with the Texas Rangers, I've despised him. He's a calculating phony. Last year was the first year I failed to attend a game for the express purpose of booing his sorry ass.

I don't care how talented he is, and his using 'roids has done nothing to change my opinion, he's a fucking loser. Now that he's pulling a Dubya, and making new lies as the old ones are blown full of holes... well... He is TRASH. can you tell I hate phonies?

I have a T-shirt I bought in Maui that has a saying on it, the adherence to which would serve A-roid and other phonies and compulsive liars well:

Tell the truth; there's less to remember.

Trying to live by that may not change the type of person you are (like a recovering oxycontin addict who turns to booze or sex is still an addict) but it will make life simpler.

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