Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Shouldn't Have Worried

I was wondering how the refucks would do, calling on the second string. Where was the Boner? Where was Michelle Bachman? Bobby Jindal? He came through like a champ.

Far from the pissantine whine I was expecting, he lied and bull shitted like the best of them.

When he made reference to the government's handling of Katrina... DUDE... YOUR party's president was in charge of that. HIS appointees did those heckuva jobs. YOUR party was in charge of Congress. YOU sat there.

I love how refucks do this: They create government failures so that can point out the failures of government. They create the reasons why we should mistrust government. He references the Refuckyoucan response to Katrina as the reason we should not trust the democrats, but rather the refuckyoucans to provide help to pull us through this Second Republican Depression. "We republicans have ideas." Dude... we get you... your ideas SUCK!!! That's why we've been voting your ilk out these past two elections. I get the idea he believes in those McCainian Economic Fundamentals.

And of course the straight faced bald faced lies: There is no railway from Disneyland to Vegas in the stimulus bill. You refucks have had NO energy plan, besides "drill baby, drill." You have had NO plan for universal health care beyond, "go to the emergency room." You have had NO economic plan beyond tax cuts, when times are good, bad, happy or sad.

BTW Bar.... Helluva speech. Back it up with action and you may force me to take down my Kucinich banner.


nunya said...

I think maybe they think that eventually they will be able to use Obama's inability to clean up their mess to their advantage.

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Anonymous said...
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