Sunday, February 1, 2009

OK Erin, You're Hot but, Seriously....

I missed most all of Stuffy today as well as Chris Wallace and his Nights of the Dark Table, but I did catch a bit of Meet the Press. Erin Burnett was there, along with Steve Forbes and some Nimrod. No not David Gregory, someone else. Anyway, Erin got talking about the latest $18 Billion of bonuses and tried once again to explain her belief -- because I believe it IS a belief and NOT a fact -- that bailout money is not being spent on bonuses.

For this to be true, there would have to be NO co-mingling of funds. In other words the banks would HAVE money over here, but be broke over there. somewhere.

Let me explain this to you like you're a high school drop out. Because I've had to explain this to a high school drop out in my family. Ahem... Seriously, I'm not the only (step) parent who's had to explain this I'm sure. And DON'T try to tell me how family business is not business business. Money is as money does.

A certain un-named member of this family is ALWAYS struggling with money. Doesn't make he...them evil, it's just a fact. What bugs me is the "I spent my own money..." argument sh...they trot out all the time. The reason they have any money that they can consider "theirs" is that we're paying one or more of their bills, say car insurance or cell phone, or a bill covering a kid expense. Paying that bill frees up money that can now be waste...spent on shoes, purses, baubles and geegaws. We don't pay those bills, they don't have that money. Unless of course they go without a cell phone (with bluetooth), car insurance or...

Very simple.

The banks used money to pay bonuses because we taxpayers gave it to them. It doesn't matter how loudly they argue that they used "our money" somewhere else and used "their money" for the bonuses, it just plain fucking doesn't work that way. Not without using a hefty collection of mirrors with extra dark smoke.

Oh geezuss... a buttfuckoulous festival of mutual hero worship between Sean Vanitty and Puss Limbaugh... There goes my appetite.

Geezuss returns.... I'm kind liking Kirsten Powers right now. I mean the brown eyes/blond hair kinda says that if there's carpet, it don't match the drapes, but she just told Glenn Beck he (and Malkin) sound "coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs" as he talks abut Mexico invading the US if we pass Obama's stimulus plan. I'm not finding a whole lot to argue about there. With what she says, not Beck.

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