Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say, (UPDATED)

What the fuck.

Sometimes that's ALL you can say. or ask. And now is one of those times.

I haven't had much to say these past few days as Dumbocrats roll over for Refuckyoucans. Not stimulative enough; too much spending; not enough tax cuts; we can't afford more debt -- think of the children;

"Our plan pares back a very substantial amount of money that we believed didn't belong in the bill. Didn't belong in a bill that was designed to fix our economy called a stimulus package.

Now if we looked at these proposals many of them will work well in a budget or in another bill. Ben Nelson

So your problem is semantics? Terminology? Note that Ben Nelson, at least in name, much like Joe LIEberman, is a Democrat. Idiocy is NOT a one party issue. Anyway...

As the pontificators in the House of Lords, spout their bullshit for the networks, and posture and pose for their donors, all I can do is shake my head. We have real problems in this country, and rather than solve them, they think they're on some kind of a proving ground for their ideology(ies).

Actually, in a way we are, we have been, and we always will be. But all we need to do is look at history: EVERY economic depression/panic has been preceded by a period of an unregulated, free market economy. Voo Doo Economics. It's an undeniable fact.

Now there's (another) stream of refuckyoucan revisionism going on regarding the success or (in their twisted minds) failure of the New Deal. (Oh Fuck me with a taser... Ron Christie on the TeeVee. PURE.... BLIND.... devotion/submission to refuckyoucan propoganda) Yes, there was a hiccup in '38... due to a return to fiscal conservatism. That hiccup in turn leads to the theory that it was WWII and not the New Deal that ended the First Republican Depression. (although we all know, as Rush Limplog told us, it was Raygun's tax cuts that reeeeally ended it)

Assume for a moment that that is true: WW II ended the Depression. Now ask, "HOW?" Was it through the death and destruction? wellllll... it did create millions of casualties, both removing many from the work force requiring fewer jobs to be created, as well as requiring the employment of many in the health care and assisted living fields to care for the disabled (one reason Harry Truman tried to provide universal coverage) Along those same lines, there's no denying the need for reconstruction projects.

Why not do the same things we did with WW II, but without the death and destruction. The Marshal Plan... Economic stimulus? That was tax cuts, right? No; spending.

I will give ground on one "tax cut," and that's the "fix" for the Alternative Minimum Tax, which is flawed and needs a permanent fix. Although if it was fixed permanently the refucks would never again be able to trot it out as a tax cut. Other tax cuts that sound good to refucks but are useless to a great degree are the new car credit and the housebuyer credit. Nice; if you have the money to buy a house, or a car. ie...

If you have a fucking JOB !!!!

Tax cuts don't do shit for people who don't have a job, and the more the refucks in Congress push for them, the more they PROVE that they don't give a flying fuck about working class people.

A guy at work -- who's from Alabama and is fairly conservative, although claims no allegince to the refuckyoucan party -- came up with the simplest of plans to stimulate the economy:

Ask the state and local governments to submit a list of projects they have on hold due to lack of funds and fund them. Will they submit some "bridges to nowhere?" Sure. Will they want some new sod on their capitol malls? Sure. Will some projects, like a new Seattle viaduct, get bogged down in legal battles? Sure.

There would be arguments over including/excluding projects; no plan is perfect.

The alternative is the Mark Sandford plan (which may have merit, since the refucks have so thoroughly screwed things up...possibly beyond repair): Let everything go to hell in the name of Adam Smith's "creative destruction," or whatever Smith's term was.

UPDATE: Further distortions from Fucks Noise and Newtie the Blowhard: Only 37% of American people approve of the stimulus bill; Only the far left approve of it.

Uhhhhhhh.... your percentage might be correct, but everything after that is (as usual) totally suspect.

Count me as one of the 63% who disapprove. But I disapprove because your ilk has fucked with it AFTER it was already a watered down ghost of what stimulus should be. At first it was 30% tax cuts. Now it's supposedly 42%. 30% was too much.

Your bankrupt, immoral, pathogenic conservative philosophies of solving all problems through tax cuts are Bull Shit. THAT'S why only 37% approve. Take them out and the numbers will flip.


Lisa said...

I am so sickened by how the Republicans have been able to drive this conversation and frame the issues. The Democrats have been weak and silly and the media is complicit by giving people with an R attached to their name the lion's share of time in front of the public. It feels hopeless.

I'm convinced that the Republicans, more than anything else, just want to make sure that nothing potentially good or helpful can happen under a Democratic Administration. They'd rather see us fail as a nation than admit that Democratic ideas can work and work well.

Chris in Seattle said...

And if the Dems let them waste time with a filibuster, or block the bill altogether, somehow that will still be the dems fault. I guarantee you. That'll be Mika and the Scar's lines anyway.

Basically the media's just trying to sell a story. They don't care what the story is, just that it makes money for their parent companies. We don't have a "news" media anymore; we have "sales" media.

The refucks, as a party, as an organization, don't care about the country. They only care about their own interest(s): Accumulating power and wealth at any cost. To paraphrase Upton Sinclair or Sinclair Lewis:

Not all republicans are evil, but most evil people are republican.