Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Morning Decision I, II

Fuck Morning Joe.

Watching him this morning and listening to him, and hearing his adolescent sniping at Mika, Obama, and all things not near and dear to his heart of hearts, basically bowing down and worshiping the golden calf of tax cuts, I came to the conclusion that he's an ass. A pompous ass.

The show is much better when he's not there.

I can put up with Mika and Courtney McCain Hazlett. I enjoy listening to many of the guests. I like looking at Erin Burnett. But the Scar? He belongs on Fucks Noise with Hannity and the other conservatards.

That's My decision; #I.

Decision #II isn't one for me. It's for all you GOPers in the Conservative Working Group: Do you REEEEEeeeeeaaallly want to have your face caught on film attending a meeting on economic stimulus ideas where Joe the Plumber is a guest? Not just a guest, but the FEATURED guest.

Who the fuck came up with that idea? ??? Are you sure they're on your side? ???


nunya said...

I don't know how anyone can watch that guy.

He's almost as annoying as these ancient Republicans all screaming the same shit at each other.

Somebody get them some damn hearing aids or something, yeesh.

Lisa said...

I'm with you. I can enjoy the show when Joe isn't there. He's gotten so much worse now that Republicans have been handed their asses.

When he and Pat get going? Puke-a-rama.