Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Misuse of Humor?

I don't know. (maybe just chalk this up as Sunday morning too-big-a-breakfast-tummy-rumbling ramblings) In some ways I'm getting tired of my own rage over the past 8 yrs of asswipulous dipshittulous fuckwaddity, otherwise known as W's reign of error destruction. I know there are some serious health detriments due to rage, and benefits to engaging in laughter, humor, the occasional wearing of rose colored glasses, etc but...

(inspired by C&L)

Are WE now fiddling while Rome burns? I wonder.

I've said repeatedly that Dubya was right when he said we misunderestimate him. And not only him, but the entire refuckyoucan party. Now, after an election about "Change we can believ in," one thing that has NOT changed is: The Refuckyoucan party.

They're still up to their same old shit: Obstructionism; smoke and mirrors; outright lies; and most of all, Cowardice. They are afraid of what they've wrought; of owning up to their responsibility and facing the consequences of their actions.

To hear Lindsay Graham talk about "keeping open the possibility of involving government and nationalizing banks..." as he sits with Steffulopogus, the fucker looks like a whipped puppy rather than your usual swashbuckling, tax cutting, labor fucking, free marketeer. Not that he's not still championing tax cuts, oh boy. Especially for the latest refuck toy, "small business," not that we even know what that term means anymore.

Their term du jour: "Bipartisan." WTF? OK, so Obama threw the term around during election season. Was he right? Wrong? Without 60 Dems to prevent a second consecutive record breaking refuckyoucan filibuster performance, he needs cross-over votes. Meet the most powerful people in government: Susan Collins, Olympia Snow and Arlen Spector. The rest of them seem to think it's more important to rewrite the history of the First Republican Depression, otherwise known as the Great Depression: Roosevelt caused it. Reagan's tax cuts ended it.

All this whining and crying about Obama and the Dems not being bipartisan... not reaching out... not including republicans... or their ideas. Well just maybe it's because your ideas SUCK!!! And maybe it's because when one your ideas is included, you still vote against it. Life's rough when you haven't done a single solitary good thing in the past eight years. Get's rougher when people start to realize it.

How much longer will the refucks keep playing their dumbass fucking games? ??? George F Will: "The fallacy of the false alternative, that the president is wielding promiscuously." explained? Fuck no. George again: "You are a pyromaniac in a field of straw men." explained? Again, fuck no. Big words and fancy phrases for empty ideas. Someone please help me out: What did Will have to say this morning? Of substance, I mean.

And while we're at it, let's listen to Carly "I-was-fired-with-a-kick-ass-bonus-for-fucking-up-Hewlitt-Packard" Fiorina give her views what else: CEO bonuses and saving big business and banks. Yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment; I'm watching Fucks News.

"It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt."

I laughed like hell at Sarah Palin's impersonations of Tina... what's that? Tina Fey was doing the impersonations? well... even if there's a way to tell the difference, some things just aren't funny anymore.

People are hurting.

The world is hurting.

The planet is hurting.

Thank you Conservatards

For your representatives.

For your policies.

Why anyone not born independently wealthy would want to vote for these people is beyond me.


nunya said...

You're not now, nor were you ever crazy.

The Myth of Ronald Reagan

Distributorcap said...

how much longer will they play the game

until everyone who is not them is dead...

they SUCK, all repbulicans suck - even the three from up-east

Chris in Seattle said...

Nun... if you haven't read my post yet, thanks for the comment and link.

D Cap... Spector's a poser. Always has been. Snow and Collins... dunno; we'll see.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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