Thursday, November 6, 2008

As Obama Forms his Cabinet...

...Dubya promises a smooth transition.

Lemme lay back for a sec. Let the warm and fuzzies roll over me. Bask in the warm comfort and glow of another Bush promise of unity.

Oh who the fuck does he think he's kidding? This is the asshole who kicked off National Parks Week, with a $100 million budget cut.

"I wanna make sure the incoming administration can hit the ground running." Translation: I'm going to make sure we leave him such a fucking mess he'll be running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

Barack had his first National Security briefing this morning. I suppose Dubya's hacks filled him in on all the black op prisons as well as the progress on Halliburton's US detention centers..? Filled him in on the costs of bin Laden's dialisis..? Whether they treat him in a cave, or put him up in Pakistan's best hotel or transport him back and forth..? Did they give him the "real reason" for invading Iraq?

In the grand tradition of Gonzo, Rummie, Bigfoot, Pablo, Turdblossom, et al, I wonder what nick name Duby's given him..?

Tomorrow the jobs report for the month of October comes out. The prediction is another 200,000 jobs lost. 1,000,000 / 1 Million for the year. But keeping taxes low creates jobs. Doesn't it? Seems a little old man from out west and his crazy MILF side kick were saying that. Those increased revenues and (not that they matter, right Dick?) 5 trillion more to the national debt brought to us via refuckyoucan conservatard policies... Oh come on people.

I know it's humiliating to admit that you've been suckered in to believing a pack of lies, but what possible good will come from hanging on to those same bullshit beliefs out of stubbornness? ??? When someone shows a drug allergy, you don't give them more of the same drug. Stop with the fucking insanity.

Rachel Maddow has started a "Lame Duck Watch" to keep an eye out for more dubya authored bullshitiousness and douchebaggery in these last ten weeks. He loves to pull his shit on Fridays, when fewer people pay attention to the news.


Anonymous said...

Ish - the jobs report is bad, bad, bad. Not surprising, but bad.

I was tickled to see that Rachel will do the Lame Duck Watch. I've always appreciated her coverage of the Friday afternoon news dumps.

And I just found out on election night that my mom is now addicted to MSNBC and a Maddow fan.

Chris in Seattle said...

Looking back on my exposure to Rachel... I was so pissed when our one local station changed formats and shuffled programming between different stations in their ownership group. I was a Tom Leykis addict, so when he disappeared I had to find another station. I found the local progressive station on AM (which is all I have in my Mustang) Maddow at that time was on in the wee hours. I really didn't like her that much. When Franken left to run for Senate, I was hoping he'd be replaced by Thom Hartmann. Oh well

I liked the segments she did with Kent Jones and the other segment I liked was when she was "poking a sharp stick at the soft underbelly of the "______" beast." Damn I can't remember the adjective. No matter, she seemed to realize how they did things long before anyone else picked up on it. Like why don't Stewart and Colbert do live shows on Fridays?

Anyone with half a brain has to be impressed by Maddow. Her rise up the ranks has been phenomenal. She's fuckin SMART, but doesn't act snooty about it like a George Will. I wonder if she'll write a book on baseball a la Will...?

I wish I could turn my sister and mom on to Maddow.

On another line:

Do you think she's hot?

Anonymous said...

I do think she's hot. I told my mom the other night that I would leave MathMan for Rachel. My mom was not aware that Rachel is gay. She was scandalized that I would joke about such a thing.

If only she knew.......

Chris in Seattle said...

Ooooo.... Lisa and Rachel, sittin in a tree.... If I were Mathman, you wouldn't have to leave, just promise me details. Did you see her on Colbert the other night? Find the clip if you haven't.

Anonymous said...
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