Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Faux News Announces

President Barack Hussein Obama.

O'Reilly weeps.

Hannity pukes.

I wish I had fireworks.

Now will Dubya let it stand...?

WOW... Juan Williams, Faux's token, is damn near moved to tears. You can hear the shakiness in his voice.

I'm so glad that the electoral count margin is greater than either of Dubya's thefts elections. It's really a shame to have to say that there needed to be NO question of the result, but

Oh fuck.... McCain's crowd is booing. At last. He cuts them off.

well... Dubya's inaugural motorcade got egged and tomatoed.

Nice touch John: Wishing that Toot could have lived one more day to see this. Nice touch. He looks crushed; anyone would be. He sounds gracious; I hope he means it; I hope he finally goes back to being the McCain we thought he was in 2000.

Good speech by Obama. Not on par with his Minneapolis speech to claim/accept the nomination, but very good. A call to unity and to bury the hatchet. This country needs to heal from the wounds and damage of Dubya. It needs to heal from the self inflicted wounds of struggling to ward off the raping, pillaging and plundering.


Anonymous said...

call the blog obfuscation vacation

Chris in Seattle said...

Vacation from Lies? Hmmm... Consulting Pocket Websters... Ahhh... I see.

I'll let everyone else look it up themselves.

Thanks for the suggestion