Sunday, November 30, 2008


but not done. Damn the wife and I are getting too old for this shit.

It was all I could fucking do to get up and down the stairs this morning to get the dogs out: Knee, back and feet all competing for the "I hurt him the most" award. Yes, we have a dog door, Yes they lived here before, NO I don't trust them not to (re) christen the carpets; especially George. (No he's not named after Dubya; he just acts like him sometimes) And we hired young bucks to move the BIG shit. You know you're getting old when you trust someone else to move your flat-screen TeeVee.

Odd: We hadn't really intended to complete moving this weekend; we were just going to take it easy and haul small(er) shit "for now." We got into it and on Friday I convinced the wife that we should just go for it and get it done. Living in two houses.... what's here? what's there? really sucks. We weren't sure we could get a moving crew at the end of the month on one day's notice but we did. Got two young (compared to me, anyway) guys who got right to it and finished in just over 5 hours with only one short break for water and a couple of Satsumas.

They spent about one whole hour, or more, trying to get a work table and a hutch piece out from the old basement. I have no fucking idea how the other movers got them down there, but these guys and I could NOT figure out how to get them out. And of course I'd already moved my tools. We gotta go back and clean carpets, so I can take the work table apart and see what I can do with the hutch. It's old, and we scratched it up, but it's solid pine, not particle shit. I hope I can save it.

Clean the old place; unpack at the new/older place; wait for cable. Damn! None til Wednesday. Had the 'puter moved yesterday when I was listening to how Dub-Fuck was going to address the nation regarding the crisis in India. Like he'd have anything to say that a thinking person would want to hear. And Jennifer Anniston left Brad Pitt for me. Riiiight. Maybe someday I'll figure out remote posting, but for now, that shit just seems so "step-daughterish." To much of a bad taste in my mouth from bailing US out from HER $4-500 cell phone fuckups. Combine "Trivial Pursuit" with cell phone/'puter technology and you have her life style in a nutshell; heaven forbid she miss a girly giggle, or a "you're hot."

With that I'll quit before I ruin my day.


Anonymous said...

Oh yuck. Moving. We're getting ready to do that too in the next month or two.

Hope you get the hutch out without too much trouble!

Chris in Seattle said...

The hutch is toast. I have no fucking clue how the other guys got it in there. I got it out though... in four pieces. It's a TV hutch and when that particular TV goes, we won't get one that would fit in it so the hutch would do us no good. Saved the lower/cabinet part though.

I read about your situation and need to move. Sucky situation, considering Kenny Boy Lay's wife got to stay in her mansion, no? I hope you can recover and rebuild your life. So far, we've been able to. Better yet, I hope something can be worked out where you can stay put.