Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In the Face of Reason and Reality

Conservatives stand strong.

And by God I hope they continue to.

O'Reilly downplays Palin's craziness. Ingraham claims Republicans lost because they weren't conservative enough. Hannity? haven't seem him yet, but then again he has his own little America and a show all about it. I don't think it would sound very familiar to me.

Hannity: Bush has gotten a raw deal. No respect. "Bush Derangement Syndrome." Bush is deranged? I agree, but I know that's not what he meant. Oh well.

"Old time values are gone; never coming back," says O'reilly. Because Obama won and not McCain? Nothing racist there, nnnaaaaa.

I'm so fucking tired of listening to these crazies. 5 trillion added to the national debt, with a 700 billion baylout chaser. What did it buy us? Seriously, what?

we're safer? We haven't been attacked? Not like we weren't safe and not attacked before. Coincidence; nothing to do with anything Bush has done, but just for shits and giggles, I'll give it to you. So after the trillion bush spent in Iraq to keep us safe, what did we get for the other four trillion?

Tell me Ms and Mr Conservative:

Where did that four trillion go? ???

Keep up the "good" work kids. Stand strong. Pull another two years of Trent Lott: Obstruct, obstruct, obstruct, and then run against a do nothing Congress. It gave us majorities in the House and Senate in 2006.

It gave us the White House in 2008. Gave us increased majorities in both houses of Congress as well.

Bobby Jindal: Before you know it, we'll have government telling Drs how to practice medicine and we can't have that. (No. We need insurance companies telling Drs how to practice medicine. "Make us money.")

More Hannity: The Republicans need to find their way again. Once again become the party of national security and fiscal responsibility (Once "again?" When were you EVER?) The party of "free market 'solutions' for health care and social security." (Like private SS accounts invested in the stock market? Like tax health care benefits to destroy employer based coverage?)

Free Market and Solution do not belong in the same sentence, applied to the same subject. Like Military and Intelligence, or Fat Free French Fries. Free market solutions to the financial market mess? ??? Free markets, historically, have NEVER solved a problem. They CAUSE probems, like the one we're in now.

Oh fuck. More Joe the Plumber saves the world. Please shut him up.