Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oooo... Snuffy's on

With Rick Davis, McCrank's Lobbyist in Chief Campaign Lobbyist Manager, or whatever the fuck he is. Predicts an election theft win for the man who will finally ensure an American victory.

In Vietnam.

Nothing like being a half century late and a trillion or two short.

Axelrod won't come out and say it, but he won't make a prediction, I'm sure because he's afraid of the refuckyoucan election theft machine.

2000: Florida. 2004: Ohio. 2008: Pennsylvania..? Alabama-on-the-Susquehanna.

George F Will: McCrank's counting on the surge in new voters, because it'll "sweep down (something) rural white voters," into the process. The Moron Vote, basically. The non-educated; the low information voters. How come Will is on every single fucking show? Some kind of a man crush?

What would a shrink have to say about my obsession with picking on the Stephasaurus? Not sure I want to know.

Lots of talk about undecided voters. Who could be undecided? This administration has been ALL about transferring more wealth to the already wealthy. From Iraq, to Katrina, to this past month's collapse of the financial/insurance industry has been about reverse-socialism. That 5 trillion increase in the national debt? All in to the pockets of Corporatist Americans.

Sunday Funny: McStain talking on SNL about doing the "Double Maverick" and "Reverse Maverick." I thought he'd already done both, no?

Hmmm.... Will picks Obama to win with 378 electoral votes, Dems plus 8 in the Senate and plus 21 in the house
Dowd 338, +8, +17
Halpernin 349, +7, +28 and possibly higher.
Donna Brazille 343, +8, and +29 and possibly 32
Snuffy 353, +7, +28.

So much for Turdblossom's permanent refuckyoucan majority...? I wouldn't got to the bank with anything, (the refucks can steal a radio and leave the music) but I personally think it will either be a squeaker (theft) for McCrank, or a total landslide for Obama. For once I hope I'm wrong about Will being a moron with big words in his vocabulary.

Twenty years ago, someone told me I should read/ would like Studs Terkel. Never did get around to reading him.

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DCup said...

I missed the shows this morning except for part of Fox Sunday. Rick Davis was on and my son noted that not only was he spewing bullshit, but also that he looks not quite right.

I realize that wasn't nice, but I just couldn't find it in me to tell my son to pipe down.

Chris in Seattle said...

I'm sure a lot of these guys are dreading the prospects of finding real work in the economy that they created. I wonder just how much of the K Street inertia, Obama will be able to overcome.

Distributorcap said...

rick davis is the kind of guy who will spit in your fries when he is working at mcdonalds - his next job

Chris in Seattle said...

You don't think he'd piss in the lemonade dispenser when he opens? ???