Sunday, November 9, 2008


and the Nights of his Round Table

No way, no how, will George F Will, or ANY loyal refuck let the idea of an "Obama Mandate" see the light of day. Yet he repeatedly voices his astonishment at the voter trends: 97% of McCain's vote was white. Racist? Nnnnnaaaaaaaaaa....

Cynthia Tucker: There's been an ideological barrier in this administration to helping the homeowner (working people). They can help corporations, banks, financial institutions (but they can't help "real"people).

David Gergen is a Conservative? Really? He seems honest. Smart even. He even seems to have an influence on Will: Makes him think about what he says.

Such a god damned mother fucking shame that Barack's grandmother couldn't live one more day, to see him elected. And yes, I'm tearing up as I type that. I wonder when we'll hear about the his last conversations with her, or did I miss that?

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