Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Day that Cannot Come Soon Enough

h/t to the good folks at Raw Story for the link.

Don't forget, we still have 71 days of Fucktardery to survive. And that's just Dubya's own.

Rep Mike Pence (refuck) Indiana, is now on Faux News talking about how it's the job of Conservatards to oppose, oppose, oppose, the Liberal agenda. Translation: No 60 seat Senate majority, no progress. or Same shit, different bucket. "Limited government (privatization/corporate welfare), low taxes (more corporate welfare), sanctity of life (white, unborn life) sanctity of marriage(gay Republican sex in a shithouse with falafels diapers and loofahs)"

What will they drum up as an impeachment issue? The puppy pissing on Dubya's shoe?

One thing Pence did, pay close attention kiddies, he said Obama's policies would be disastrous to conservatives. Not to the country, but to conservatives.

I keep saying that these assholes don't care about the country; only themselves. I don't think they care anymore about hiding it.

Chris Wallace seems to have brought his conscience with him this morning: "But didn't John McCain run on those issues? and Didn't the voters reject them?" Scarier still, Bloody Bill Kristol actually made sense for a few minutes. (wish I could remember how Thom Hartmann described him, and his parents, the other day: The Ultimate Opportunists..?)

You can count on Hume to bring them back to the shit pile by casting any possible spending in the worst light possible. Forget the reality, it's the label that matters. Where have these fuckers been during Reagan's expansions of govt, deficits, and the largest tax increase of it's time; ALL in highly regressive excise taxes. Where were these fuckers during more of the same under Aitch Dubya? And where are they NOW after Dubya's ratcheting of it all to the nth degree...?

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