Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Baaaaa aaaaack

Bummer, eh?

Well thanks to the two bestest brothers-in-law in the world, the wife and I had a wonnnnnderful time in Maui. A couple days of wind and rain, with a storm on it's way as we were leaving, but the rest of the time, no hustle or bustle, just fun in the sun.

Nice (?) to know the Refucks haven't changed a god damned stupid assed thing of theirs in my absence: If the democrats want to create jobs, why wouldn't they lower the corporate income tax rates? Why not eliminate the capitol gains tax for the next two years? <== John Boner

To keep jobs here; like they've been doing for the past 8 years of the most destructive administration in history.

That they're still willing to show their faces as they try to peddle this god damned snake oil... And the auto industry..? (me speaking, not them) NOTHING will get done, NOTHING will be given to them without a plan guaranteed to kill the unions. NOTHING. This bailout hubbub is not about saving the industry; it's about saving the bonuses and dividends and maintaining the pipeline of money up the food chain, not down. Three million jobs? Just little people. Relax; move along.

What was the projected cost of fucking up saving/privatizing Social Security? 1.3? 1.4 trillion dollars? When that amount gets promised to the speculators/hedge funds/execs/shareholders banks, all will be well, the crisis will be over. The base will be appeased, in other words.

Stephaluppugus is on, but I need to go see the vampires. Gotta get the cholesterol and blood sugar checked.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you had a good time. But did you have to dive right back into the madness?

Of course you did. It's what we do, isn't it?