Monday, November 3, 2008


Apparently,to the brillyunt ones on Morning Joe, this is the reason McCain has had such a fucked up campaign.

Oh Fuck! Peggy Noonan: This has been a nice clean campaign; all about the issues.

The Scar: Two impressive men. "Let the blogosphere spew their hate; let Paul Krugman hunch over his word processor, weighed down by his Nobel Prize. Hateful, hateful, hateful..."

Back to McCain... They're going bonkers over his poor ground game, his lack of organization and how it's all due to his being a maverick. No one wants to help him or work for him because he's a maverick.

When I run into someone I don't want to work with, I usually use other words to describe them: Asshole is one that comes to mind.

Chinese jets? ??? NO they haven't bought out the football team, they plan to build them. Erin Burnett -- who's way hotter than Palin -- said so. I'm not sure I want to fly on a Chinese built jet. Well... how bad can it be? Will piss leak into the baggage area when you flush the toilet? Like in the police academy in Baghdad?

Other than the short celebration, GE/MSNBC gets to build the engines, they all sound like a fan club in mourning. Like after a Seahawk or Mariner game. McCain fans? Sports fans? Not a whole lot of logic behind the actions of either.


Anonymous said...

Aw shit. I shut off Morning Joe pretty early this a.m. so I missed this nonsense. Thank goodness.

Distributorcap said...

scarborough was in rare douchebag form today --- as was that wench noonan

she really grates me -- because she thinks and talks like the whole world is under that snooty news, rather vagina of hers

and there is no bigger creep than "dead girl" charles joseph scarborough === who talked about how he ran a campaign for himself EGO free - a scumbag and a liar

Chris in Seattle said...

Scar and the dead girl. I need to google that someday and refresh my memory. Kinda makes Mika's schmoozing and oozing all over him all the creepier.