Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Ol' Carbon Foot Print...

One more day at the grindstone and then we're off to Maui, for a week.

Many thanks and a tip of the bald spot protector (h/t) to my two very cool and generous Brothers-in-law.

You picturing Slim Pickens (Pickins?) riding through the clouds? You're not far off.

I hope I can digest, or pass, the bullshit from the lame-duck-in-chief about how his depression/recession isn't a failure of the free market so I don't get airsick. Nothin' there folks... just a few greedy bad apples... move along. And he's going to represent us at the G-20 summit..? Think anyone else will show up...? Thinking they'll hear anything worth their time...?

Two lessons from the last 8 yrs:

1) Don't send your kids to Yale.

2) Don't send your kids to Harvard (for an MBA).

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Anonymous said...

I'm positively green with envy! Have a wonderful time. I love the way Maui smells.