Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aitch Dub

Where to start with this guy. The Father of Fear-Mongering and Division. Willie Horton anyone? A preznitial campaign where he not only said nothing positive about his opponent, he said nothing positive about himself. This is the guy who turned me off to all things republican. His mythical Thousand Points of Light, Compassionate Conservatism, The Education President... there's a good one.

I was in college when Aitch Dub got elected. I remember him cutting funds for student loans, raising their interest rates and ending the income tax deduction for student loan interest. What a guy.

He couldn't wait to go to war with Saddam. Of course if he had waited, let diplomacy run its course and all that good shit, US approval of Saddam's going into Kuwait in the first place would have come to light. More importantly though, there would have been nothing to distract our attention, even if only temporarily, from the fact that he was totally inept at running the country. "I don't really like domestic policy." I can remember that one just as clearly as, "I'm not prepared to say we're in a recession." I can hear his whiny nasally voice in my head as clearly as if he was standing next to me.

A lot to live down. and then...

He's the son of Prescott Bush Senator, diplomat and Nazi sympathizer and financier. What would it be like to grow up knowing that the guy who held you on his knee made money from slave labor and genocide? Be enough to make you want to live your life for charity, eh? And raise your kid to do the same. You know, defend the weak, leave the planet a better place for...

Oh hell, I can't feel sorry for this old fart. The whole family's a bunch of planet fucking rapists.

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