Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're Back....?

"We are ready to lead once again."

Good. Because we sure as hell haven't been leading anyone other than the crazies, the dimwits and the lame brains of the world. I wonder if Dubya was at all aware of the slam there.

"I reject as patently false, the choice between our safety and our ideals."

Another slam that will likely leave Dubya the Shitheart scratching his head for years to come.

I didn't get to watch the show, but I heard on the radio that the little tinpot sat and smirked a lot during Obama's speech. Surprise, surprise.

Eight long years of shame and embarrassment. Thankfully the assfuck had sense enough to leave and let someone take over who actually considers the consequences of his actions. omeone who actually gives a damn about the country. And the world. If I was ever happy to be wrong before, I was sure as hell happy to be wrong today: No Dubya Dictatorship.

Now we can begin the long hard climb from the depths of darkness toward the light. Reconstruct our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Maybe we'll even reinstitute the idea of ONE code of law for all.

This isn't the last time we'll have to fight evil hear at home. People thought we were through when we voted out Hoover, but then this fucker rose from the slime and here we are struggling to hold off yet another Conservative depression.

Teach your children well.


Anonymous said...

Good one! It's like the pendalum swinging back again this time in our favor and not soon enough. I'm thinking a lot of this could have been avoided if W had lost to Kerry. But those retards managed to scare voters with their shameful lies and he got back in for a term that will go down in history as "Worst President Ever"!!

Chris in Seattle said...

Not to disagree, but the choice and failure of Kerry should serve as a lesson on the total fallacy behind the "electability" argument. Howard Dean would have been a FAR far better president than Kerry. Obama supposedly wasn't electable either.