Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Low Will They Go?

What is it with these "free marketeers" who can't see the damage they've wrought over the Reagan/Bush/Greenspan years? ??? This unregulated nightmare of THEIR making.

Somehow we're supposed to believe the Boner when he claims to have a refuckyoucan plan that will cost half of Obama's and create 6.2 million jobs? How big an idiot do you think I am?

An 8 yr record of consistent refuckyoucan failure -- if you're a working person -- and Mika and Dylan sit there defending refuckyoucans. Damn, what would it be like if the Scar was there?

The Washington Post has a story: Republican party faces "misshapen " identity? Misshapen? I don't think so. They SHAPED their identity. And working people, aren't part of it. They are the party of tax cuts and deficits; borrow and spend.

Choose your outfit for the next 4 years: Fireman's gear or ballet gear. We'll either be trying to put out the fire they started, or dancing to their fiddle music while the country burns.


Lisa said...

Last night I heard Jim Cramer say that it would be a mistake to give middle class families tax rebates because they will just put the money in the bank and hold on to it.

I don't think Jim Cramer understands the meaning of the term middle class.

Chris in Seattle said...

I think Cramer needs to learn the meanings of "tax cut" and "tax rebate." I thought he was smarter than that.