Saturday, January 10, 2009

Palin and the Issue of Class

Another installment of "Issues I wish would just go away:" Sarah Palin. Keith O and Rachel have been working the latest Palin show of idiocy interview... there's dumb and there's dumber, but then there's "too stupid to live."

She still can't give a coherent answer to the question of what she reads to stay informed. Lots of tap dancing and fancy pageant walking but little substance. She kinda sorta hints that she might maybe read USA Today and/or The NY Times. Daily? On Sundays? Once while you were stuck in an airport with nothing else to do?

Goddammit people you should know she HAS to read to stay informed so she can fuck up stay informed and run the state. Everyone KNOWS that those two papers are THE authorities on all things Alaskan. NOT the Anchorage Daily News, the Fairbanks Daily Miner, the Juneau Empire (does Annabelle Lund still contribute to that teeny wittle wag?). How about the Palmer News or the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman? And no I did not ever read those last two; I used the google.

Who says this woman isn't qualified to be President? Like Bush she lies well by volume. She just can't tell a well constructed lie.

But its all a media plot; they're biased against her dontcha know? Look at Caroline Kennedy. They treating her with kid gloves? That sort of shit definitely shows a class difference. She would have a point. If Kennedy were making the total fool of herself as Palin did/does. Just her use of the "mental comma" "ya know," is not enough to paint her stupid. It just doesn't compare to the totally put-on and pre-meditated use of "You betcha" with a wink. (as a shout out to Canadia, their "eh" is one of the handiest fucking utterances since... well... "fuck," eh? Do I hear an Amen? Firestarter?) I don't see a master plot to hide the undeniable fact that Caroline would not even be considered were it not for her last name. Gee... Hmmm... Sarah Kennedy...? Sarah Bush...?

As she explains, if she had been picked by the other side, everyone would have loved her. I. Don't. Fucking. Think. So.

Not even if you looked like this:

And showed how you distanced yourself from all things "Bush."

I can feel sorry for stupid women; some can't help it; although I'd never date one. But I HATE bimbos. Plastic... Phony...

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