Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bullshitiousness and Douchebaggery... part faux

Fucks Noise is going to have an interview with wannabe royal family: Aitch Dub and Dubya. WOWeee...

Wear your fucking chest waders and hide anything harder that your Teevee screen. Keep it all out of reach anyway.

My question:

Where are the drinking games?

I didn't catch the C&L roster of talking head guests, but today seems to be a fucking gold shit mine: Cheney on CNN, Snuffy's Gang of Four and the ultimate living justification for abortion on demand and his dad... I hope I can resist relapsing on my sobriety.


Lisa said...

I know this is a catty, unpleasant thing to say, but Laura Bush's voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I avoid watching interviews with her.

Chris in Seattle said...

Here's catty: To me she sounds like an ignorant hillbilly.

I only could stand to watch a minute or two of Dubya. His smirk told me he was soooooo proud of his rehearsed answers to the softball questions, ie his lies. But hey, I didn't drink.