Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Call It What You Want

Family Planning

Preventative Medicine


How about common sense?

I'm talking about the latest refuckyoucan talking point, ie line of bullshit: Boehner's "$200,000,000 for condoms."

Unplanned, Unwanted, Unaffordable kids turn into, Undernourished, Unhealthy, Unwatched, Undereducated... kids. A drain and strain on their families, communities and the country, emotionally and economically. Although to the "prisons for profits" crowd, they're a bonanza as adults. I probably just made boner's point. no pun intended

Arguing whether or not that money belongs in this economic stimulus package, is little more than semantics. I don't care where it's put, it needs to be put out there. It will never eliminate stupidity and piss poor planning: girls who want babies for attention, to make them feel grown up, to give them someone to love them... It won't undo the fuckery they've wrought on their kids and families, but for people who CAN plan and want to plan, it will allow them TO plan.

When will refuckyoucans get their heads out of their asses and start caring about the country enough to THINK? ???

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Labrys said...

I am waiting to see what comes of the single mother who just added octuplets to her other six children. I want to see them make her their new poster child for "brood mare" of the year and explain how the bill is footed, when they don't want health care for children to pass.